Manfred Mann Down The Road Apice (2007.8/CD:(英)EMI 0946 3 97215 2 8)

[Disc 1] 1.Why Should We Not* 2.Brother Jack (Frere Jacques) 3.Now You're Needing Me(Alternate Version)
4.Chattering(Unreleased) 5.Cock A Hoop(Alternate Version) 6.5-4-3-2-1* 7.Without You 8.I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man
9.You've Got To Take It 10.Down The Road Apiece 11.Mr.Anello
(Stereo Version) 12.Sack O'Woe
13.Hubble Bubble (Toil And Trouble)
* 14.I've Got My Mojo Working 15.Smokestack Lightning 16.I'm Your Kingpin
17.Ain't That Love
* 18.Bring It To Jerome 19.Sticks And Stones* 20.Untie Me 21.Don't Ask Me What I Say
22.It's Gonna Work Out Fine 23.What You Gonna Do 24.All Your Love
(Unreleased)* 25.Do Wah Diddy Diddy
[Disc 2] 1.Can't Believe It 2.One In The Middle 3.Did You Have To Do That
4.Love Like Yours (Don't Come Knocking Every Day) 5.She 6.John Hardy
* 7.Sha-La-La* 8.Watermelon Man
9.Dashing Away With A Smoothing Iron 10.Come Tomorrow 11.What Did I Do Wrong
* 12.I'll Make It Up To You
13.With God On Our Side 14.Look Away 15.Sie (She) 16.Weine Nicht (Come Tomorrow) 17.Bare Hugg
18.What Am I To Do 19.Oh No Not My Baby 20.L.S.D 21.I Can't Believe What You Say 22.What Am I Doing Wrong
23.Poison Ivy
[Disc 3] 1.Way You Do Things You Do 2.Abominable Snowmann 3.Watch Your Step 4.Stormy Monday Blues
5.I Really Do Believe 6.You Don't Know Me 7.My Little Red Book 8.Since I Don't Have You
9.You Gave Me Somebody To Love
(Stereo Version) 10.You're For Me 11.Hi Lili Hi Lo 12.If You Gotta Go Go Now
13.Stay Around 14.There's No Living Without Your Loving 15.Tired Of Trying Bored With Lying Scared Of Dying
16.I Put A Spell On You 17.God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemenn 18.Let's Go Get Stoned 19.That's All I Ever Want From You Baby
20.Spirit Feel 21.Tennessee Waltz 22.When Will I Be Loved 23.Tengo Tango 24.Still I'm Sad
[Disc 4] 1.I Got You Babe* 2.My Generation 3.(I Can't Get No)Satisfaction* 4.You're Standing By 5.She Needs Company*
6.Machines 7.Driva Man 8.It's Getting Late 9.Pretty Flamingo 10.Come Home Baby*
11.Why Should We Not(Take 1/Unreleased)* 12.I Don't Want To Know(Take 6/Unreleased)* 13.Let's Go(Take 1/Unreleased)*
14.Tell Me What Did I Say(Take 3/Unreleased)* 15.Brother Jack (Frere Jacques) (Take 3)* 16.Without You (Take 2)*
17.5-4-3-2-1 (parts 1&2)* 18.5-4-3-2-1 (Ready Steady Go theme)* 19.Mr.Anello (Mono Version)*
20.You've Got To Take It (Mono Version)* 21.Untie Me (Mono Version)*
22.You Gave Me Somebody To Love
(Mono Single Version)* 23.One In The Middle (Later version/Unreleased)*
24.Group Interview (Interview Footage)
* (*=モノラル録音)
2007年8月13日にイギリスEMIから発売された4枚組CD。7曲の未発表曲/音源が収録され、CDにはノー・クレジットですが「Cock A Hoop」「Now You're Needing Me」はバック・コーラスの入っていない別ヴァージョンで収録。ブックレットにはTom McGuinnessによるライナー・ノーツや、写真、セッション記録(音源の存在しない曲名も含む)、ディスコグラフィ等が掲載。唯一欠点を挙げるとすれば、Disc 4「(I Can't Get No)Satisfaction」の出だしがマスタリングのミスで欠落しているのが惜しい。それも気にしなければ、これ1つで1963年から1966年までのEMI在籍時の楽曲を(ヴァージョン/ミックス違いを除けば)網羅しています。(2007年9月1日更新)
Manfred Mann(3)

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